Content Management Features

Simple Site Management
Managing your site is easy to do with the Site Manager. To view existing pages, click "List Pages" from the Admin control panel. To add a page, just click "Add Page". While logged in as the administrator, you'll be able to edit any page by clicking the "Edit Page" link at the bottom.

Navigation Grouping
The Site Manager provides you with three default navigation groups: Top of Page, In-Page and Bottom of Page. Any of these navigation groups can be placed anywhere on the page, with many options available for each group. You can create custom navigation groups as well and copy and paste a single line of code to display that navigation group where you need it. Modify the look and feel of the navigation quickly and easily using pure CSS style sheets.

Site Hierarchy
Create site structures that go as many levels deep as you need them to. Quickly and easily move pages around in the hierarchy simply by selecting a new parent for the page.

Access Control
Access to the pages on your site is controlled by assigning pages to one or multiple access groups: All Visitors, Administrators and Members. You can enable and disable user registration with the flip of a switch and you can manually add users from the user administration section under the Admin menu. You can even create custom access groups to allow content to be assigned to any number of groups.

Search Engine and User Experience Friendly
The Site Manager provides tools that allow you to optimize your sites for search engines, including the use of CSS to manipulate the display of your pages, dynamic pages titles and meta information (keywords and descriptions) and breadcrumb trails. These elements help you enhance your user's experience, telling them exactly where they are and helping them find what they're looking for. Search engines will find your site easy to navigate and full of content for indexing. Search engine friendly URL's help search engines get through every page on your site without dealing with long query strings that may cause issues with indexing.

Export/Import Pages
Export pages from your site in XML format and Import pages in the same format. Simply use the links on the "List Page" menu item or the "Export Page" link at the bottom of each page if you're logged in as an Administrator. Even Import directly from MSWord.. Just Copy and Paste.

Control Panel Look and Feel
Administrative pages are viewed through a standard control panel. This means you edit all your sites content the exact same way. This makes it easy to train staff members and nontechnical users to manage the site..

Last Edited   April 20, 2012