About Ferrell Internet Media

Matthew Ferrell
Owner/Founder, Ferrell Internet Media
Matt has a background in Microsoft Windows, Networking, and Web Application Programming with Adobe Products. Matt has numerous certifications in these areas. He has developed projects for many companies large and small as well as government applications.

Our Mission Objective

We strive to achieve a long term objective of designing, analyzing, implementing and developing world class web service applications and networks..

2002 - Present Ferrell Internet Media
Casper, WY
IT Professional / Consultant
Started web design and development company.
Designed and created web based interfaces and applications
Built customer applications with MSSQL, ASP, Cold Fusion, JQuery and JavaScript.
Certifications: MCP, MCSA, Network +, Coldfusion, MSOffice
Support numerous clients across the State of Wyoming and Surrounding States.
Microsoft Windows support for Servers and Desktops and Networks.
Remote Tele- commute Support.
Video Surveillance installation and support.